How do I add the Vimkit custom attribute to a Webflow form?

Step 1: Get the form's custom attribute

→Click 'Websites' and choose the website you want to add the custom attribute to.

→Choose the form that you want to use.

Step 2: Add the custom attribute to the form on Webflow

→Go to Webflow, select the form element and add a custom attribute. See Webflow's documentation for details.
Make sure you've selected the 'Form' element - not the Form block element.

→Copy and paste the the custom attribute name and value from Vimkit on Webflow and click save.

Step 3: Finally, publish your Webflow site and check if the data attribute was added correctly.

→Click publish on your Webflow site (see Webflow's documentation for details).
If you host your site somewhere else, export the code from Webflow and follow your standard process to publish your website.

→Enter the full URL of the page where you are using the form and click 'Verify' on Vimkit. You'll see a confirmation if the custom attribute has been added correctly.

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