Use Webflow forms with Hubspot.

The beauty of Webflow’s designer meets the power of Hubspot’s marketing automation. No coding needed.

There’s no easy way to use Webflow forms with Hubspot.

Weblow forms don’t have email domain verification and other powerful marketing automation features that Hubspot provides out of the box. Embedding a Hubspot form directly on Webflow severely limits your styling options.

We’ve been there. Many times. It’s plain simple annoying.

So we created a free tool.

As growth advisors, we’ve helped several startups build websites and run digital marketing. Often that meant using Webflow and Hubspot together. So we built a tool to make this easy (for ourselves)!

How it works.

It takes 5 mins tops!
Step 1


Create a free Vimkit account
Step 2

Add your website

Paste the Vimkit code snippet on your Webflow site
Step 3

Connect your form

Connect your Hubspot account to your Webflow form


You can but Hubspot’s forms do a lot more. They check MX records to verify if an email is valid. They can show you the sequence of page visits and submissions from a visitor... even on the free tier! Hubspot's paid tiers have other powerful capabilities like automated workflows. All that helps you capture more leads.
Yes but the styling options are super limited on Hubspot compared to what Webflow allows. Why settle for less? Your website should be beautiful.
Zapier connections are one-way. That means you can't do real-time validation of user input using Hubspot's advanced rules (e.g. tell a visitor that the email they provided is invalid). Oh and you need to pay for Zapier too!
Yes! You can use Vimkit with both free and paid tiers.
No. You need a paid Webflow account or a site plan to add Vimkit to your Webflow site.
We built this tool for our own use and are happy to share it at no cost. We're building other advanced tools that will be available on a paid plan.

Let's get started.

Free. No coding needed. The full power of Hubspot and Webflow.